The performance of all students is monitored on a regular basis, both within departments and across all subjects. Appropriate support is identified for specific learning needs. Each department organises provision for those with exceptional ability in a specific area.

Where a student's learning requires a specific programme of support, parents are consulted. Each student with an Education, Health and Care Plan has a programme devised in liaison with support services and parents, and the programme is reviewed annually.

It is the policy of the Board that students with an Education, Health and Care Plan should be supported to at least the level of the financial grant received. A copy of the school's policy on Special Needs is available via the link above.

Click here to open a copy of the Special Educational Needs and Disability School Information Report.



The Accessibility Report of 2006 is considered annually within the context of planning any new Capital Work. Some major issues remain, particularly in relation to the original school buildings and resolution will require the support of Devon Local Authority. The school is committed to equal access for all students and where appropriate, entrance tests are modified. The Accessibility Plan is available in a printed format, and is also available to download here.



Special Educational Needs

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